My emails are sent from “,” why is that?

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Do the emails you send from eMarketeer have a different domain ( in the from-address from before? Don’t worry, there’s a simple explanation and an even easier way to fix it.

Why was the domain changed?

We switched out the engine that handles the email send-outs to get better deliverability, more stability, and a lot faster email send-outs.
With this switch in service, we recommend that you allow eMarketeer to send emails from your company name. Before this is done, you have a placeholder domain, which is

3 simple steps to get your own domain

This is a process where you authenticate your domain and as it’s something that’s done on your own domain, we can’t do it for you. Follow these steps to add your domain to your emails:

  1. Go to email domains settings
    Go to your email domain settings, you need to be logged in to eMarketeer for the link to work. You can also get to your email domain settings by going to “account settings” -> “email domains” in eMarketeer.
  2. Add domain
    Click “add a domain” and type the domain you’d like to use, for example, Click “add.” Note that you don’t have to add ‘www’ before the domain name.
  3. Update your DNS records
    You now see a list of records that needs to be added to your DNS. When the records are added to the DNS, click “Authenticate.”

    Don’t have access to your company’s DNS?
    Then you can click the link “autogenerate email.” A pre-written email with the records will pop up and you can send it to the person that’s in charge of the domains at your company. Usually, it’s someone in the IT department.When the records have been added correctly to the DNS, they are marked green when clicking the “authenticate” button. Please note that DNS changes often update rather quickly but it might take up to 48 hours. You can now send emails from your domain!

Have more domains you’d like to send emails from? Just repeat the same steps for the other domain(s).

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