Release notes 08 Feb 2021

New features
Email performance report widget:
Here you not only see your average open and click-through rates, but you can also compare your rates with an email send-out that you choose with your average email performance.

Campaign dashboard report:
Build your own reports for your campaigns. With the new campaign dashboard, you can add the different reporting widgets to build customized reports for your different campaigns. The reports are updated in real-time and you decide the look of it with the simple drag-and-drop feature. Go to any of your campaigns and click the new tab called “dashboard” to get started. If you already have campaign widgets set up, they are moved to the campaign dashboard. The campaign report is similar to the start-page dashboard, but the difference is that this report looks at campaign performance (and not your whole eMarketeer account) and you can customize it with the widgets that you want. The available widgets are funnel chart, KPI counter, goal gauge, and latest email performance report.

General bug fixes:
ISPs in Leadexplorer: Fewer Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and more leads in Leadexplorer. We have done further improvements to identify ISPs and filter them out from your web leads list. New to Leadexplorer? It’s a tool that identifies the companies that visited your site, go to Leadexplorer to try for free.

Email reports: there were a couple of inconsistencies in what the numbers represented in the email reports. The numbers are now fixed and present the same throughout the report; they show the number of contacts that have performed a specific event, followed by the total number of events within parenthesis.

Automations: improved stability and maintenance work

Consent sync between eMarketeer and SuperOffice CRM: maintenance work