Release Notes 16 March 2021

New features
Campaign fields:
Like you can add custom fields to your contact card, you can add custom information to your campaign. It could be information that you’d like to use throughout your campaign content, for example, titles, event names, dates, images, and so on. It’s up to you. This means that you can update or edit the whole campaign in minutes, because when a campaign field is changed, so is the content that has that field. That’s why you add campaign fields to your content instead of typing the same information over and over again.
Tutorial: how to use campaign fields.

Email top list widget:
This widget lists your top 10 best-performing emails. You decide if the list is sorted according to their open rate, click-through rate, or click-to-open rate. The widget can be added to your campaign dashboard report.
Tutorial: how to use the campaign dashboard

Share your campaign dashboard:
Your dashboard can now easily be shared among your colleagues. It’s dynamic, meaning that it updates in real time whenever someone views the report.

Layout of campaign dashboard:
Build your campaign dashboard just as you’d like it now that you can choose the height size of your campaign widgets as well.

General bug fixes:
Stability improvements

Outlook: Minor HTML fixes in notifications to look better in Outlook

Email report: tweak of calculations of click-to-open rate in the email report