Release notes June 9th, 2021 – Lead scoring and bug fixes

New features
Lead scoring:
See how sales-ready your contacts are with lead scoring. Each of your contacts gets points when they fulfill score rules. The higher points they have, the more sales-ready are they. There are some score rules activated by default at first, but you can, and it’s recommended, that you set up your own for lead scoring to work the best.
[Video] How to know what to score on and common lead scoring mistakes
[Video] Tutorial: how lead scoring works in eMarketeer
Default score rules list

Some general improvements made for SuperOffice CRM connections

General bug fixes
Improved Cloudfront performance

Bug fixes that relate to:
Form reports: % answered calculations are fixed, fixes in text answers when filtering results and rating questions answers are no longer shown as skipped in results.

Contact card: updating information on the card and fixes in the timeline

White page in subscription center fixed

The “tell a friend” – link works properly again

Email HEAD tab no longer gives error on prod

Email top list widget (no longer missing emails in list)

Improvements in invitations to new users to the app

Fixes in Full Contact plug-in

Better handling of undeliverable email addresses