Release notes: reCAPTCHA v3 on forms and contact limit enforced

New or updated features in eMarketeer:

  • reCAPTCHA v3 implemented on forms.
    This is a service that detects if it’s a bot or a human submitting your forms. To protect your forms from bot attacks, reCATPCHA v3 has been enabled on all eMarketeer forms. The service is active on all forms that are published after April 25th, 2022, but can be turned off in account->integrations.
    Click here to learn more about reCATPCHA v3.


  • eMarketeer account paused when contact limit is reached
    eMarketeer’s pay plans are based on the number of contacts. If that contact limit is reached, the eMarketeer account is paused from creating any new contacts via file imports or form submissions. To “unpause” the account, the user has to remove contacts to be under the contact limit again or request an update.
    Click here to learn more about reaching the contact limit