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New and noteworthy

Journey Conditions

Now you can set conditions for a step to trigger. If the condition does not match the Journey will continue to the next step. This is handy if you don’t want to branch out the Journey with an IF/ELSE statement.

Email delivery updates

Do you send emails to Gmail or Yahoo?

Gmail and Yahoo have since the start of February enforced new requirements to deliver emails to their recipients.

eMarketeer fully supports these requirements, but you may need to make changes in your DNS if you haven’t done so already for them to take effect.

Manual trigger of Journeys

Enable a Journey to be available on the contact card or in the SuperOffice side panel. This way a user can trigger a Journey manually on a specific contact. Use this feature for meeting follow-ups, send requested material or start a full process, available also for sales users in your CRM.

Leads from LinkedIn and Facebook/Instagram

Connect your eMarketeer account to LinkedIn and Facebook Ad Center and automatically receive submitted Lead Forms directly in to eMarketeer. Push them into lead nurturing Journeys and qualify them as leads.
Watch our latest webinar on this topic on Youtube.