Editing a live form

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What is a live Form?

A live form means there are answers registered to it and reports related to them.

The Reports are linked to the Questions in the Form

In short, what you see in the reports is based on what you have in the form editor. Change a question, and you change the report.

Lets say you have a question like this:

What’s your favorite Pet?

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Fish
  • Rat

If someone answers “Cat”, eMarketeer does not register the text “Cat” but it registers “option number 2

This means editing any questions in a live form may affect what “option number 2” means. Also removing a question from the form, removes it from the reports including the related answers.

Editing a live form

When editing a live form you need to know that:

  • Editing text or re-arranging options also may totally change the meaning of answers already registered.
  • Removing an option is the same as re-arranging, it affect the “option number”.
  • Deleting a question also removes the answers to it.
  • Using cut/paste functionality is the same as deleting and re-creating the question.

These actions does NOT affect your reports

  • Changing order of entire questions (not options)
  • Editing non-question items (like rich text)
  • Editing Rules, thank you pages or confirmation pages.
  • Editing layout

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