What happens when I reach my contact limit?

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The eMarketeer pay plans are based on the number of contacts you’d like to communicate with. In other words, the pay plan you’re on sets the size of your contact database. You can see your contact database limit on the home page dashboard in your eMarketeer account in the box called “your account.”

What happens when I reach the contact limit?

When you’ve reached the contact database limit, you won’t be able to create any new contacts in your eMarketeer account. It means that you cannot accept any form submissions or import contacts. The forms you have published will be closed and show an error message. In the case of a file import, the contacts are listed as rejected.

How will I know if I have reached the contact limit?

To avoid pausing the account as much as possible, we send notifiers you are closing in on the contact limit. We send you the first warning when you have reached 90% of your contact database capacity. We send the notifiers to the users of your account via email and as chat messages in your eMarketeer account.

What can I do to create new contacts again?

You need to make sure that you’re under your contact limit again by removing contacts from your account or upgrading it. Reach out to us via the chat in eMarketeer or by email if you want to upgrade, and we’ll help you out.

Once you’re under the contact limit, the forms and file import will work again within minutes.

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