Default score rules in eMarketeer

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Lead scoring works the best when you set up your own lead score rules, but to get you started, there are some default score rules in eMarketeer. Those score rules are active by default and the points are calculated on all your eMarketeer contacts. The score range we have in mind for the default score rules is 0-100 points.

We have grouped the rules into two different score sets and the rules are:

Default engagement score set:

Includes score rules based on the contacts’ marketing engagement, like link clicks and web visits.

Clicked a link in an SMS                       5 points

Clicked any link in an email                 5 points

Clicked any link on a landing page     5 points

Submitted any form                           15 points

Visited a landing page                         5 points

Visited any page on website             10 points

The time frame is set to 3 months for all rules. That means that the contacts that fulfill these rules will only get the points if it happened in the past  90 days.

Default persona score set:

Includes score rules based on the information on the contact cards, like demographics.

First name is set on contact card     2 points

Last name is set                                 2 points

Job title is set                                    2 points

Company is set                                  2 points

Country is set                                    2 points

Phone number is set                         2 points

The default score sets can be edited, inactivated, or even removed if you’d like. Visit this tutorial to learn how to set up your own score rules in eMarketeer.

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