How will eMarketeer work with SuperOffice in compliance with GDPR?

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Just like eMarketeer, SuperOffice will introduce features during Q1 and Q2 2018 to manage consent and subscriptions. Would you then need to collect consent in two separate systems?

As eMarketeer can run as a  stand-alone program, it needs its own consent system. However, if you’re a SuperOffice user, you most likely treat SuperOffice as your master system. Hence, eMarketeer should replicate and update SuperOffice when changes are made online.

To manage consent and subscriptions, eMarketeer will seamlessly work with SuperOffice:

  • New contacts added through lead report will have consent and subscriptions set in SuperOffice based on eMarketeer settings.
  • Imports from SuperOffice to eMarketeer will have consent and subscriptions set.
  • When a change of consent or subscription preferences happens in either system, the other system is also updated.

It’s important that these settings are synced between eMarketeer and SuperOffice to avoid sending emails to someone who withdrew consent or changed their subscription preferences, which is why the integration will be updated to handle this seamlessly.


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