The eMarketeer GDPR roadmap

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Before May 25 eMarketeer will have provided you with the features needed to work with consent and keep it in sync with SuperOffice (if integrated).

The roadmap will lead to the following main features.

  • Consent management
    Features for you set and keep track on consent on all contacts. This will cover bulk updating your existing contacts and cover all scenarios for new contacts wether you import them or if contacts register in web forms.
  • Subscription management
    eMarketeer introduces subscription management as a way for recipients to fine tune their received communication or unsubscribe completely (withdraw marketing consent).
  • SuperOffice integration
    Updating the integration for SuperOffice 8.2 and onward to keep consent and subscriptions in sync.


In 2017 we completed the first part of the GDPR project making sure our platform as a Processor will live up to some important requirements relating to security, audit logs and more. This image illustrated the work performed in 2017.

GDPR roadmap 2018.

The roll out order of the features will be as listed above, starting with consent management. This will give you more time to migrate. Followed by subscriptions and then the SuperOffice adaptions.

The roadmap and it’s features are best illustrated in the following illustration.

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