Release notes November 26th – templates, lead score summary, campaign fields and improvements in email reports

New or updated features in eMarketeer

  • New email templates with new functionality. Including new holiday templates!
    The new email templates come with more than just a fresh look. First off, they’re built with a new root code, making them display even better in more email clients than previously. But you also get more content blocks, higher image resolution and a new email settings box where you set the preheader and if you’d like to use a Google font in the email. Here you also set up how you want the email link preview to look like if you share the email link on, for example, social media.
    Note that these templates replace the old ones, but your saved templates are saved as is. We highly recommend that you re-build them using one of the new templates to enjoy the benefits with more design options and display better in more email clients.
    Get to know the email templates

  • Lead score summary
    With the lead score summary, you can see how each contact got its current score. In other words, the summary lists the lead score rules that the contact fulfills. There’s also a timeline that presents what the contact’s score has looked like over time. You find the score summary when you open a contact card and click the new tab called “score summary.”
    [Video] Tutorial: how lead scoring works in eMarketeer
    [Video] How to know what to score on and common lead scoring mistakes
  • Rich text editor in campaign fields
    With campaign fields, you set up custom fields for your campaign in the form of images, headlines, and dates. Now, a rich text editor also joins the campaign fields family. This means that you can customize the text you’d like to use as a campaign field with font options, hyperlinks and other formatting. 
    How to use campaign fields
  • Improvements in filtering out false positive email clicks from email report
    False positive email clicks are clicks made by an email service to see if the email could be spam. Think of it as a test click before it’s let into an inbox to see if it leads to suspicious pages. The challenge that all email marketing services face is to tell those “bot clicks” apart from actual clicks from your recipients, which means that they might result in “false positive” email clicks in your email report. eMarketeer avoids showing false positives in the email report as much as possible by looking at certain click behavior and timing. If it looks like a bot, it’s not shown in the email report. This update means that we have fine-tuned this algorithm furthermore to filter out false clicks.
  • Allow uploading of more types of file extensions in Files, like ics and woff2


  • SuperOffice CRM contact imports fix
  • Fixes to handling empty default fields in SuperOffice CRM
  • API2 migration
  • Updates in Zapier-integration

General bug fixes

  • Forms that resulted in a blank thank you – page if the “Note”-field was left empty is fixed.
  • Some minor bug fixes in lead scoring calculations.
  • The user interface language didn’t match the browser language, which it now does.